Bepanten - Lotion 200 ml

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Bepanten - Lotion 200 ml

Hydrates skin prone to redness caused by dryness, sunburn or allergies.


Bepanthen moisturizing lotion 200 ml

Does not contain fragrances harmful to the skin.

Bepanthen Lotion is a moisturizer for skin prone to daily stress and redness caused by dryness, sunburn or allergies. It provides the skin with adequate hydration after a shower, as it protects it from drying out. The texture of the lotion is very light and absorbs quickly.

Bepanthen lotion is used in everyday life, especially for dry skin care, because it is a good moisturizer without cortisone. It can be used for sensitive areas in adults as well as for children (diaper dermatitis).

Benefits of using:

Hydrates quickly. Softens and moisturizes the skin, including with cracks. Suitable after hair removal, including laser hair removal. Suitable for daily moisturizing of sensitive areas. Moisturizes roughness on elbows and knees. Soothes and hydrates inflamed skin. Can be used for sensitivity in the diaper area. Moisturizes dry skin and protects it from dehydration. Relieves redness and irritation of the skin from sunburn. With continued use, it brightens the skin. Helps moisturize cracked nipples after breastfeeding. Helps in the growth and renewal of skin cells from the inside and out. Lightens dark skin around the mouth. Safe for pregnant and lactating women.


Dryness and cracked skin. Skin infections and allergies. Treatment and prevention of dehydration of the skin. Moisturizing skin prone to dryness and damage. Sun burns. Skin pigmentation caused by friction, dryness and lack of moisture. Daily skin stress such as frequent hand washing, showering, weather changes and other factors.


Use Bepanten Lotion once after shower or as many times a day as needed. Apply the lotion with light massage movements until it is absorbed.


In some cases this can happen, but it is extremely rare:

Simple pruritus.

A slight burning sensation when using Bepanthen for severe skin infections.

When applying the lotion, you should not be in the sun, and if you need to go outside, use sunscreen.

The lotion should not be used in case of fungal infections unless an antifungal cream is used together with Bepanthen lotion.


Water, liquid paraffin, PEG-6 stearate, panthenol, dimethicone, chlorhexidine dihydrochloride, perfume, pantolactone, disodium EDTA.


Keep out of the reach of children at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees C.

PACKAGE: Cardboard box with 200 ml bottle.

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