Fish- Large Thin Onyx

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This exquisitecolored patchwork Onyx Fish Handcarved Statue Sculpture Figurineis an absolute beauty

It is suitable for an individual or corporate gift

A useful gift people will remember you for. So win more friends with this lovely gift, they will treasure.This product is made of onyx, which is a translucent, semi-precious gemstone

It belongs to the mineral family of marble but it is distinguished by its delicate, beautiful colors and shades. These uniquecolored patchwork Onyx Fish Handcarved Statue Sculpture Figurineare carved and polished from highest quality Pakistani onyx

The multi colored surface of the stone creates a natural pattern of color and hue which makes every individual piece a Five of a kind

Fierce colors create patterns of multi and contrast across the surface of these imposing colored patchwork tukri onyx dice

Milky patch work colored patch work colored clouds are broken by bands of red, orange, and yellow, which explode vibrantly to create a whirlwind of color

Description: Approx Weight 550 gm Height 12 cm Width 15 cm x 2 cm Colors : Orange_Green, Yellow_Orange, Blue

Handmade in Egypt

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