Colocynth Cream from Horus

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Organic Natural Colocynth Cream from Horus

Horus Colocynth Cream, also known as Cocointh, is a natural remedy made from plant extracts, mainly the herbal colocynth plant. This plant, found in North African desert regions, yields large fruits with a bitter taste, known for their potent healing effects.


The organic formula includes fresh colocynth fruits, nutmeg, colas, fennel, cumin, eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon oils, grape seed oil, and peppermint.


- **Fresh Colocynth Fruits:** Anti-inflammatory, stimulates lymphatic glands, aids in arthritis and rheumatism.

- **Nutmeg:** Contains essential oils effective for inflammatory pain.

- **Colas:** Slows lymphatic cell movement, provides continuous relief, aids in gout.

- **Fennel:** Antispasmodic, eases muscle tension.

- **Eucalyptus:** Therapeutic for muscle and joint pain, beneficial in rheumatism.

- **Clove and Cinnamon Oils:** Activates the cardiovascular system, alleviates headaches.

- **Grape Seed Oil:** Anti-inflammatory, improves blood flow.

- **Peppermint:** Pain reduction, relieves spasms.


- Anti-inflammatory, used for back, knee, shoulder, and neck pain.
- Athletes use for post-training tension relief.
- Eases headaches.
- Relieves menstrual pain, joint inflammation, gout.
- Massage cream for muscle tension and fatigue.

**External Use:**

Apply to problematic areas, massage for 10 minutes. Use twice daily for pain relief. Keep treated areas warm.

For headaches, apply a small amount to the forehead, avoiding eyes.

Capacity: 145g
Manufacturer: Horus
Made in Egypt

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