Necklace Of Malachite

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8 Mm Natural Malachite Gemstone Necklace

About this Item :-

- Targeted Group: female

- Type : Collars

- Metal Type : Beads

- Type : Agate

- Occasion : Casual & Trendy

Description :-

Natural Malachite gemstone necklace Malachite Another no less famous green stone is malachite

This semi-precious stone, famous in Bazhov tales, is still actively produced in the Urals and is used for the manufacture of various household items, interior decorations and ornaments Malachite is found in various shades of green, from bright and saturated to very dark, etched with veins of other tones, and on the slices the stone can be shiny or opaque I must say that crafts and other products from malachite are very expensive The name of the stone came from the Greek words molokhia and soft.

Unlike precious stones, for example, the same emerald, malachite - the stone is not very strong and durable, so it requires special care and caution in handling and handling He does not like blows and sudden changes in temperature Astrologers believe that this stone brings luck to all people, but most of them suit Capricorn and Leo

- Size of bead : 8 mm

- Weight : 60 gm

- Length : 25 cm

- Origin : Imported

Hand made in Egypt

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